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In 2000, Randstad teamed up with the independent research company ICMA International and launched the first Randstad Award in Belgium to measure 50 local employer brands. Now the research has grown to include 26 countries and over 130.000 survey respondents worldwide. In 2017, we introduced a new research partner, TNS to replace ICMA. Locally in New Zealand, we measure the largest 150 employers by employee size and gather the opinions and preferences of over 4,200 Kiwis when looking for their next employer.

the survey, step by step
10 key factors for success
unique methodology, unique results

the survey, step by step

At present 26 countries across Europe, Asia/Pacific and the Americas take part. The largest companies are selected in each of those countries by employee size. This list is presented to a representative sample based on region, age and gender: over 4,200 potential employees between the ages of 18-65. There is a slight bias towards respondents under 40 because the survey’s main target audience is potential future employees.

Unlike similar surveys, HR officers, staff members or experts are not invited to take part in the survey, which guarantees maximum objectivity. The respondents are asked to identify the companies they recognise and to indicate whether or not they would like to work for them. In the next step, they evaluate the relative attractiveness of each of the selected companies based on 9 key factors incl. stimulating, meaningful work, work atmosphere and job content.

19 factors for success

The winner of the Randstad Award is based on how appealing the selected company is as a potential employer. To determine this, we ask one simple question: Would you like to work for this company? The companies are also evaluated on 9 factors to determine the perception of the employer brand.

The 10 factors are (in random order):

• Financial health
• Good training opportunities
• Long-term job security
• Opportunities for career advancement
• Strong management
• Interesting job content
• A pleasant and stimulating working environment
• A good work-life balance
• Progressive policies concerning the environment and society (CSR)

unique methodology, unique results

We apply this methodology because a uniform approach makes it easier to draw comparisons between countries – it’s also why the research is conducted almost simultaneously across the world. The research significantly contributes to our knowledge about employer branding, and about why people select certain jobs and employers.

The company reports detail the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of their external employer brand and provide each company with an excellent industry benchmark - these reports are confidential.

The general report (which contains the main results per country, including the Randstad Award winner) is made available to the public. Separate reports, containing the main results for specific global or national sectors, can also be requested.

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